Little Baby Grains Iron Power (From 7 months)

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Jointly formulated by a Certified Nutritionist together with a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach, Iron Power is aimed at promoting good iron intake, which is necessary for babies just starting solids. This grain is good to be consumed regularly as it is specially formulated to provide iron from natural sources from ages 7 months till toddler! This formulation is especially recommended for picky eaters, pre-term babies or babies with eczema. Soft and easy to cook, cooking on a stovetop takes about 15 minutes.

  • Weight: 520g, 40 servings.
  • Usage Instructions: Store in fridge. Mix well, soak and wash thoroughly before cooking.
  • Ingredients (Origin): Natural white rice (Malaysia), premium brown rice, organic millet (PRC), organic rolled oats (Canada)
  • Best Used By: 30 April 2022

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