Little Baby Grains Premium Brown Rice and Organic Supergreens Instant Cereal

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Perfect as a first transition to solid foods! This wholesome cereal is made from wholegrains and organic supergreens, which are cold-pressed to optimise nutrient retention! Specially formulated, this cereal is fortified with M-Gard®, a high bioactivity Norwegian yeast beta-glucan, also known as an immunomodulator that enhances your baby's vital defence mechanisms against pathogens such as bacteria, virus, and fungus. This appetising cereal introduces new flavours to your baby's palate!

  • Weight: 225g, 15g x 15 sachets
  • Ingredients: Brown rice powder, instant cereal powder, organic alfalfa, organic barleygrass, KAMUT® organic wheatgrass, organic oatgrass, organic wheatgrass, M-Gard® yeast beta-glucan
  • Best Used By: 8 December 2022

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Pour sachet contents into heat-safe bowl
  2. Add 60-80ml of hot or lukewarm water
  3.  Stir well and add water, if needed, to achieve desired consistency
  4. Test temperature before feeding

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