Little Bird Told Me Softly Snail Multi-Activity Playgym

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This super soft and luxuriously padded activity playgym is packed with fun features for extended play and discovery.

The playmat base is luxuriously padded, to provide support and comfort on hard laminate floors.

It comes with a dual purpose bolster pillow which provides a comfortable head rest as well as a chest support for Tummy-Time activities.

Three mini activity toys entertain baby with squeaks, rattles and crinkles and each comes with a flexible teething ring which allows the toys to be relocated around the playmat. They also fit to cot sides, car seats and pushchairs.

A removable Musical Pull Toy mesmerises little ones with a musical melody (no batteries required). It can be attached to car seats, pushchairs and cots.

Easily converts to a second stage 'tummy time' activity play rug, which helps develop upper body strength and co-ordination.


  • 1st Stage Playgym: The playgym cushions and support your little one on the hardest floors with a luxuriously padded mat. Entertains newborns with hanging toys.
  • 2nd Stage Tummy Time:  From an early age babies are encouraged to spend short periods of time on their tummies to develop their neck and upper body muscles. The Activity Cushion helps support them during "tummy-time". With the hanging toys fitted to the cushion, tummy time is full of stimulating crinkles, squeaks and rattles.
  • 3rd Stage Activity Rug: When the soft arches are removed and the hanging toys are fitted to the mat, it transforms into a soft play rug with baby safe mirrors, crinkles, squeaks and rattles to discover. Great for tummy-time explorative play.
  • 4th Stage On The Move: The Musical Pull-Toy is a pull-cord musical melody, so no batteries are required. It's simple velcro strap means it can also be fitted to pushchairs, cots and car seats. In fact all the hanging toys are removable so even when your baby outgrows the playmat, these fun little activity toys can continue to entertain and can go wherever your baby goes!

Developmental Features:

  • Bright contrasting colors provide visual stimulation.
  • Squeaks, rattle and crinkles provides auditory stimulation
  • Bright colors aid gross motor skills by encouraging baby to reach and grab
  • Multi textures develop  baby's sense of touch
  • Teething rings helps relieve discomfort during teething
  • Mirror helps develop sense of self-awareness
  • Musical melody encourages musical awareness and appreciation
  • Fun activities develop spacial awareness and hand-eye coordination

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