Simba Natural Orange Mosquito Repellent Sticker (24Pcs)

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  • Brand: Simba
  • Product Code: natural orange mosquito repellent sticker (24pcs)

1. SGS tested for safety, 0% DEET
2. Eco-friendly soy ink used 
3. 3 M back glue, leave no residues 
4. 72 long serving hour 
5. Sealing foil bag with ease of use, convenient and easy to store 
6. Post-it glue design, can be used on multiple surfaces

citronella essential oil, organic orange essential oil, botanic repellent ingredients, eco-friendly soy ink 

High density, nontoxic, and non-woven fabric, 3 M back glue

Size: 3X3cm / pc (24 pcs)

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