Cimilre F1 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump
RM593.00 RM533.00

Cimilre F1 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump is a portable electric dual breast pump with integrated r.....

Haenim 7A Breast Pump
RM1,299.00 RM1,169.00

Introducing Haenim 7A Breastpump, World's FIRST Wireless Charging Portable Breast Pump!Why Haenim 7A.....

Medela Freestyle Flex
RM2,299.00 RM1,999.00

Freestyle Flex™ is an electric breast pump designed to fit into your life: its light, compact design.....

ARDO Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump
RM801.80 RM720.00

The Ardo Calypso Double Plus Electric Breastpump:  A powerful yet quiet gentle bre.....

Medela Swing Breastpump
RM942.45 RM848.00

Medela Swing  *Easy, light and compact breast pump* is an excellent quality single electric bre.....

Medela Swing Maxi & Calma Breastpump Promo
RM1,299.00 RM899.00

Medela Swing Maxi *Editors Pick: Easy and time saving breast pump* is an excellent double elect.....

Medela Freestyle Promo
RM1,999.00 RM1,599.00

Medela Freestyle One of the smallest double electric breastpumps in the world that fits in the .....

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