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The Doomoo Basics: Highly absorbent sheet and mattress cover is perfect for babies and also for children who are in the process of becoming dry at night, or who have problems with bed-wetting. It is a completely waterproof padded cover allowing maximum airflow and consisting of 5 different layers. It is highly absorbent and can cope with +/- 2 liters per m 2. The unique way in which it is made actually allows a very large quantity of liquid to be absorbed right through to the bottom layers, thus leaving the top layer dry. Very practical it is placed directly on top of the fitted sheet and can therefore be changed quickly


  • Easy to use
  • Absorb the liquid in depth as surface stays dry
  • Fits both the length of a baby mattress (60 x 120 cm) than the width of a standard mattress (90 x 200 cm)


  • Machine washable a t 9 0°, tumble dry low.
  • The high absorption i s guaranteed up to the 120th wash.


  • Mixture of Polyester, Waterproof Polyurethane membrane.

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