Doomoo Inflatable Bath Mattress


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Whether you’re at home or on excursion, giving baby a bath with the inflatable bath mattress is a piece of cake. Its micro perforated fabric provides baby with optimal water contact and maximum comfort.

Inflation, flotation, hydration, vacation...This bath mattress is an easily inflatable, fast drying and space saving innovative solution to bathe your little one easily.

Thanks to its micro perforated fabric your baby dips into the water, having optimal water contact and all the comfort. All clean? Deflate the mattress and stow it, without taking up much space. Want to go on a trip? The inflatable mattress comes with a travel pouch!

How to use ?

  • Fill up your bath until the desired level and check the water temperature. Fully inflate the bath mattress, place it in the water and gently place your baby on top. After use, rinse off the mattress, hang it to dry, deflate and stow.


  • Dimension : 65cm x 40cm
  • Mattress : 100% PVC 
  • Mesh fabric : 100% polyester 

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