Clevamama Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel


Color: Pink (Extra large)
Sale price RM 125.00


Bathing your baby is an enjoyable but challenging task, particularly with a newborn. With this in mind, our Bamboo Apron Baby Bath towel has been designed to make bath time easier, dryer and safer for you and your little one.

Suitable from newborn to 4 years+, our extra-large, super-soft, Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel is designed to fasten round your neck to be worn like an apron by you and wrapped around your baby.  This acts as a splash guard for your clothes, so you can enjoy your baby playing and splashing to their heart’s content.

It's as easy as ABC:

  • Snap on the Apron Towel
  • Bathe your baby
  • Then pick them up and wrap them in Cosy comfort

Our Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel makes sure that you have both hands free for safe lifting, and maximum cuddles.

Bamboo Baby Bath Towel features include:

  • Super cute, extra-large wearable apron style character towels for splash-proof bath
  • Sustainable fabric: As part of our move to becoming Climate Positive, these towels are made from bamboo fibres, a fast-growing crop which is grown chemical free and needs no replanting.
  • Bamboo firbre is ultra-soft & naturally anti-bacterial
  • Special weave to easily and softly dry between little fingers and toes
  • Available in different colours and characters: Pebbles the Penguin (white), Lily the Lamb (Coral), Patch the Dog (Blue) & Freddie the Frog (Grey)

Made from sustainable, silky soft bamboo fibres, with natural anti-bacterial qualities and pure cotton trim, this towel is guaranteed to be gentle and absorbent on your little one’s delicate skin.  Our special weave is perfect for drying between little fingers and toes. Available in a variety of cute characters; Lily the Lamb, Pebbles the Penguin, Patch the Dog and Frankie the Frog. With a built-in hood, you can be sure that your baby is well wrapped up to retain the warmth from their bath.

Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel size: 98 x 104 cm

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