Tiny Love Into the Forest Classic Mobile


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Tiny Love Into the Forest Classic Mobile is a uniquely designed mobile with engaging black and white spirals that stimulate baby's visual cognition. It has a 20 minutes of uninterrupted classical music help soothe baby when it's time to sleep, supporting the development of EQ. The mobile grows with your baby converting into a stand-alone music box when the time for mobiles is over. The mobile’s soft nightlight will help baby quietly enter dreamland. It includes a baby-activated control button which promotes your little one's independence and inspires exploration.

Product Features:

  • Black & white spirals
  • Calming nightlight
  • 20 minutes of continuous classical music
  • Stand-alone music box

Other useful information:

  • 0-3 months

Let baby enjoy the slow movement of the black and white spirals and turn the music on to enjoy the positive effect classical music is known to have on newborns 

  • 5+ months

Once the time for mobiles is over, remove the arm and leave the stand-alone music box. Soon enough, your baby will learn how to activate the music box alone and wonder at this newly acquired independence.

Developmental Benefits:

Language & Communication

As babies lie in their crib or bed, cooing at the mobile characters, smiling and practicing some baby talk, they hone their communication and language skills.


The mobile’s cute Into the Forest™ characters appear and disappear above baby’s head. This creates a sort of peek-a-boo game that helps baby grasp the idea of object permanence. As baby grows and begins to press the music box independently, your little one learns about the wonders of cause (pressing a button) and effect (music and lights). 


The smiling characters’ large eyes and the spiral's slow motion along with the relaxing classical tunes stimulate baby’s sense of sight and sound.


The soothing music, claming nightlight and steady movement create an atmosphere that calms babies and helps them go to sleep.


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