Cloud B Sunshine Owl Blue

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The Cloud B Sunshine Owl comes with a sound machine that can be use inside and outside of it. It plays 4 types of white noise which is proven to help babies and children go to sleep faster. Easy to use and easy to love, Sunshine Owl is the perfect companion for a calm and restful night for your precious little one’s!

Features & Benefits:

  • Using soft and soothing sounds to put infants and children to sleep is as old as motherhood itself. The white noise and lullabies are actually scientifically proven to lull little ones into slumber and to help them sleep better! And better sleep means better health and well-being – exactly what every parent dreams of for their child. Cloud b’s sound machines go above and beyond by providing those soothing sounds packaged in a plush pal your child will love for years to come.
  • Using Sunshine Owl is easy-peasy. When bedtime beckons, Sunshine Owl easily attaches to any crib with a velcro tab behind her head. With four soothing sounds and adjustable volume, at the touch of a button your baby will be nodding off in no time at all! After 23 or 45 minutes (depending on which option you choose), Sunshine Owl shuts off to save battery power and to create a quiet environment for deepest sleep as recommended by pediatricians. When Sunshine Owl needs a bath, pop out the sound machine and simply toss her in the wash.
  • This wise owl is a wise choice for parents of infants and young children – and it’s a gift that truly keeps on giving. Night after night and nap after nap, Sunshine Owl promotes better sleep for healthier, happier families!

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