Autumnz Double ZipLock Breastmilk Storage Bags(25 Bags) 12oz

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  • BPA Free
  • Double walled to preserve nutrients effectively
  • Medical grade material, perfect for safe and extended freezer storage
  • Thick laminate to prevent ink leeching
  • Pre-sterilised bags to ensure safe feeding
  • DOUBLE zipper top to prevent leakage
  • No-spill self-standing bottom
  • Heat sealed sides to prevent splitting
  • Easy to read designated area for date, name and time
  • Pre-calibrated ounce/ml markings for accurate measuring

Storage Instructions:

  • Leave some room at the top of the storage bag to allow for expansion when milk freezes
  • Label milk with the date and time it was expressed and always use the oldest stock first

Storage Guidelines:



Storage Location 

Storage Temperature


Storage Duration 

 Room Temperature  


  4 to 6 hours


          0 to 3.9°C

  3 to 5 days

 *Freezer of a two-door refrigerator

             -18 °C

  3 to 4 months

 *Deep freezer


  6 months or longer


           * Keep milk in the back of the freezer / refrigerator away from the door

Feeding Instructions:

  • If stored in a freezer: Thaw frozen milk in the refrigerator. Once thawed, carefully pour milk out of the storage bag into a feeding bottle for warming up
  • If stored in a refrigerator: Carefully pour milk out of the storage bag into a feeding bottle for warming up
  • Diacard the storage bag after single use
  • Discard any leftover milk
  • Do not refreeze thawed milk


  • Do not microwave or boil the storage bag and breast milk
  • Do not allow sharp objects to come into contact with the storage bags
  • Keep the storage bags out of children's reach 
  • Always test the temperature of milk before feeding baby
  • For hygiene, only tear the tap immediately before filling and safely discard the tab



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