Akarana Baby Muslin Wash Cloths


Color: Random Design Boy
Sale price RM 12.00



  • Cotton gauze is breathable and fluffy which is suitable for babies delicate skin.
  • No fluorescent agent or other harmful chemicals.
  • Hanging strap for quick dry (50% quicker than normal cloths).
  • Designed with a good seal along the edges without being uncomfortable.
  • Use them as washcloths, teething cloths, baby wipes, baby diapers, face towels, burp cloths or rags etc.
  • Unisex patterns that suit for both baby girls and baby boys.



  • Package include two pieces of soft cotton gauze muslin baby washcloths
  • Stretched size: 30x30cm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Fabric: Woven cotton

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