Akarana Baby Newborn Baby Latex Pillow


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  • A positional pillow with scientific correction for the prevention of Plagiocephaly / Brachycephaly / Scaphocephaly
  • The head groove and cervical slope are designed to fit the baby's head and neck curve. It can be uniformly dispersed the pressure of the baby's head, protects the baby's neck and shapes a perfect head form.
  • Covered with 100% latex particles while the pillowcase is made of soft and breathable cotton. It helps your baby achieve a more revitalizing sleep.
  • Use it as an insert for a bassinet, baby gym, stroller, baby crib and more to maximize the head and neck support babies need.
  • 0 - 12 months / 10kg


  • Size: 28x26cm
  • Pillowcase material: Cotton
  • Inner pillowcase material: Polyster
  • Filling: 100% Latex particles
  • Weight: 280g
  • Model: NLP-B

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