Bacoff Dishwashing Liquid


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BacOFF products are made from fruit and vegetable extracts, bioflavanoids, and purified water. These ingredients are already classified and readily found in foods that we eat. All this translates to truly non-toxic products that can be used safely around children, older folk, pets. It also kills bacteria and pathogens naturally.

Bacoff Dishwashing Liquid is a high performance blend of natural cleaning agents. It is highly dilutable and very effective. It does not have toxic, corrosive or irritating side effects of strong chemical based cleaning formulations, yet produces outstanding performance result.

Direction of Use:

  • Backoff Dishwwashing Liquid is dilutable 65-100 times. Dilute one squeeze of Backoff Diswashing Liquid with 500ml of water. Dilute in a sink or pail of water before normal washing of dishes, pans and normal kitchen utensils. For tough and stubborn grime, lower the dilution rate and reapply.

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