Beaba Winter In Paris Babycook Solo Limited Edition Combo Set

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EBEABA BABYCOOK SOLO. *EDITORS PICK* The premier ALL IN ONE, Cooker, Blender, Steamer and Defroster. French design  since 1989 and with a full range for cooking accessories including rice cooker. 

Product Features:

  • Manual cyclone-effect blade: For tailored mixing, adapting the consistency to the child’s age (smooth, pureed, chunks)
  • Removable steaming basket: Possibility of collecting cooking juices rich in vitamins and minerals to modulate the texture of the preparation.
  • Graduated measuring bowl: Easy to measure quantity of water to pour into tank
  • Automatically switches off with light and sound signal when steaming is finished: No monitoring required
  • Removable lid: Easy to clean
  • Can be used for reheating and defrosting foods
  • Single control button (cooking – mixing): An ultra-compact solution
  • Security lock of bowl: Click sound ensures secure locking.
  • Cycle meter with descaling indicator: Warning light.
  • Spatula: Practical to remove the steam basket, stir and empty food into the bowl without being burnt.
  • Removable blending/smoothie filter lid: Easy to clean.
  • Bowl is dishwasher safe - top rack only
  • Optional purchase Rice cooking jar, rehearing and storage containers
  • BPA, phthalate and lead free
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • A spatula
  • A recipe/menu booklet
  • Mixing lid/smoothie filter
  • Bowl Capacity: 1.1L


  • Product Dimension: L 24cm x W 18cm x H 24cm
  • Product Weight: 1.85 kg
  • Packaging Weight: 2.4 kg

Other Useful Information

This intelligent machine comes with cooking, blending, defrosting and reheating, and steam cooking system which allows you to preserve the vitamins that are very essential to your baby’s growth. Beaba Babycook design is excellent as they have a large bowl with the capacity more than a liter. 

The easy clip system design of this steamer and blender allows you to open and close the lids with one hand. It keeps the food fresh and healthy by preserving the vitamins and nutrients. There is also auto shut-off feature, so it is safe to use by mommy even you are busy with your baby. When the cooking is done, there is sound signal to alert you. 

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