Bengkung Senang - XL


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Designed for women who independently does her own confinement. Making confinement easy and stress-free

This "Bengkung Senang" (Easy-Bengkung) was created by powerful, independent and strong mothers for other moms.

Easy to wear only need 3 steps:

  1. Wear the bengkung and adjust the straps according to your waist and hips size
  2. Tie from downwards to upwards
  3. Tie the remaining ribbon at your waistline

Embrace the traditional 'Bengkung' wearing in modern way. Made from high quality cotton fabric, the 'Bengkung' is breathable and easy to care. 

Product Tip:

The 'Bengkung' is designed to be securely worn from the hips to the ribcage on the abdomen. It is recommended that it be applied not long after the birth, and be maintained for at least 40 days.

Product Care:

Hand wash your "Bengkung" from time to time. Bear in mind you may sweat when you tie a "Bengkung"


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