Daiichi Louis 3in1 Baby Carrier - Charcoal

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Special features from Daiichi

- Safe rear protection system Specially designed safety structure To make it feel as comfortable as sitting in a mother's embrace closely and also make the development of The spine is not bent correctly as well.

- The inner material is made of high quality polyurethane. Memory urethane is extra wide and thick.

- The waist belt is difficult to curl even after long use.

- The top of the hip seat can recover well, not easy to collapse.

- Protect your baby's head and neck. with curved head support Help support the baby's head from being shaken. This is often found in young children who are unable to keep their necks upright. The head support is designed Make the child's head difficult to move in order to stabilize the head as much as possible

- Use environmental friendly materials

- Ergonomic seat design Fully supports the baby's buttocks and groin. It is an ergonomic form of "M position" so as not to adversely affect the child's hips.

- There is a net for ventilation. The front compartment is a mesh for easy ventilation. even though the weather is hot Makes the baby sits not sticky even when the weather is hot and stuffy.

 Product details

Age and weight range: 3 months – 3 years old or weight 6 – 20 kg.

Waist belt length: 26 - 45 inches

Backpack length: 16 - 24 inches

Weight : 0.5 g

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