Double Happiness Baby Veggie Pasta


Style: Baby Macaroni
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Baby vegetable noodles (suitable for children over 7 months)

The noodles specially designed for babies who are initially exposed to complementary foods are made of high-grade wheat flour and 13 kinds of fresh vegetable juices, which are not burdensome to the stomach & easy to digest 

No egg, no salt, no sugar, no added coloring, no MSG, no preservatives, and non-fried noodles, whether you want to feed your baby or grab your hands.
Are there any kids who are picky eaters and don’t like vegetables? This vegetable noodle is also very suitable! Only fresh vegetable puree is used to preserve the fiber and nutrition of vegetables as much as possible.
Is my baby unable to eat solid foods before teething?

NONONO! Babies’ chewing ability is innate, even if they have not grown teeth, they can use their gums to break up food. Remember, the baby is the golden period of learning before 1 year old, and there is no need to worry because the baby eats less or does not know how to grasp it well. We only need to give babies more opportunities to chew or grasp in our daily lives. 

It is made in accordance with the food factory approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. The peace of mind bought by the mother, the baby can eat with peace of mind.


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