Doudou et compagnie- Bear Little King Doll


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Doudou is a reassuring object, a means to comfort us when we are scared or sad, a confidante, a charitable presence. A mix of all these, probably. And if, when we are 20, 30, 50 years old or more, we find our chewed and gnawed childhood doudou at the bottom of the cupboard (but never in the bin!), it is only because we have progressively replaced it, even without realizing it.

Size: W 18cm  x  H 18cm  x  D 7cm


Complies with European CE standards

• Composition: 100% Polyester, swaddle material: 100% cotton

• Maintenance: Use a comforter bag and wash Doudou at 30° so that it retains its softness • Natural or low temperature drying. 

• Think of Doudou's twin to be able to wash him regularly. 

• You can recycle your gift box into a decorative object, storage box, souvenir box...

• New! This product benefits from THE DOUDOU GUARANTEE. Thanks to its unique number, lost Doudou is quickly found! Register your Doudou and discover all the guarantees on the website

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