Doudou et compagnie- Chien Toopi Doudou


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This cute beige dog baby comforter from DOUDOU ET COMPAGNIE will be the ideal companion of baby to spend peaceful nights. Easy to catch, this soft dog baby comforter will accompany him/her from birth.


Complies with European CE standards

• Composition: 100% Polyester, swaddle material: 100% cotton

• Maintenance: Use a comforter bag and wash Doudou at 30° so that it retains its softness • Natural or low temperature drying. 

• Think of Doudou's twin to be able to wash him regularly. 

• You can recycle your gift box into a decorative object, storage box, souvenir box...

• New! This product benefits from THE DOUDOU GUARANTEE. Thanks to its unique number, lost Doudou is quickly found! Register your Doudou and discover all the guarantees on the website

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