Doudou et Compagnie Happy Rabbit Glossy 25cm


Sale price RM 179.00


Doudou et Compagnie collection Happy Doudou to you collection celebrates its 20 years of making every child feel safe and loved. This pure white rabbit is extremely soft and tender, created in haute couture fashion. Stylish, on the "mix and match" trend, with its classic pompom tail, trimmed with touches of blue, silver and grey swaddle, as well as fancy trimmings and skillfully coordinated woven ribbons. Nestled in a superb gift box with graphics evoking both elegant and chic, as if in a magical setting, this surprise cuddly toy is delicately revealed... the first moments are savored by discovering its pompom which protrudes from the box. An ideal gift from birth. 

  • Size 25cm
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Maintenance: Use a comforter bag and wash Doudou at 30° so that it retains its softness
  • Natural or low temperature drying.

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