Emma-Jane Sleep/Nursing Bra 371


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You may not sleep in vast quantities while nursing – especially in the first few months - but good quality sleep is essential! 

Sleep bras have no back adjuster and are specially designed from ultra-soft fabric to increase your comfort at night. 

Why buy a sleep bra?

1) Your breasts may leak during the last few weeks of pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding – a sleep bra allows you to use absorbent pads comfortably.  The last thing you need after a disturbed night’s sleep is to wake up and realise you need to change the bed sheets because of leaking breasts! 

2) Supporting the additional weight of your breasts in a sleep bra may help you relax and sleep more comfortably.


This sports bra style with a wide elastic underband doubles perfectly as a sleep and nursing bra.

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