Gauze Long Undershirt 2 pcs (0-9 months)


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100% Natural & Comfy Sleepwear for Babies (0-9 months)
Our kimono-design baby undershirt is made from 100% cotton gauze - a natural, non-allergenic fabric that is best suited for newborn baby's delicate skin. 

This soft and ultra-lightweight undershirt is highly breathable and absorbent so you don't have to worry about baby breaking out in rashes. With its length over baby's toes, it is best to be worn as sleepwear to help your baby sleeps better at night. 

Gauze Undershirt is very suitable for baby with sensitive skin and allergies ie. asthma and eczema. The high breathability and permeability feature of Gauze Undershirt allows baby's skin to breath easily as it helps absorb baby's moisture from skin effortlessly, helping baby to sleep better while leaving baby cool, dry and comfortable all day. 

Product Dimension:
- Newborn size (can fit up to 8-9 months old).
- Length for Short Undershirt is until baby's hip.
- Length for Long Undershirt is until baby's toes.

100% pure Japan medical use standard absorbent cotton gauze

Product Packaging:
2 pieces/pack

Washing Instructions:

  • Washing method: Hand wash or machine wash with gentle cycle or low spin.
  • Water temperature: Cold water (less than 35°C). Warm or hot water will shrink the fabric. 
  • Detergent: Baby detergent/mild detergent.
  • Drying: Hang dry under the sun.

Note: Using a dryer will shrink the fabric a little. If you have to use a dryer, set the temperature as low as possible.

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