Ki ET LA Sunglasses OurS'on for Kids 2-4y


Color: Light Pink
Sale price RM 179.90


This Teddy Bear-shaped design is sure to appeal to every parent! These glasses WITHSTAND ANYTHING and are MADE IN FRANCE, featuring a muzzle and small ears on the frame. Simply adorable! Their category 3 mirror lenses are stylish for a very fashion forward look but they’re also extremely protective because they filter out 100% of UV rays. The frame is available in 3 lovely pastel colours to make your kids look like budding rock stars this summer!


  • Guaranteed unbreakable
  • Ultra-lightweight and soft
  • Category 3 lenses, 100% Anti-UV Filter
  • Anti-blue light filter
  • Accessories (Case, Pouch and Adjustable drawstring)
  • Polycarbonate and TPEE

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