Leap Frog Poppin Play Piano (12m to 36m)


Sale price RM 149.00


This colourful Poppin' Play Piano intrigues little learners with its lively music and exciting popping action. When children press any of the eight piano keys, a corresponding coloured ball pops up, providing an entertaining way to learn about colours, music, and numbers. The Poppin' Play Piano features eight tunes, four learning modes (music, colours, numbers, and songs), and more than 30 different fun interactions!

Children can learn to count from one to eight and identify numbers and colours by name as they explore and interact with eight enjoyable preschool tunes. Naming colours gives children words to describe themselves and their world, fostering language development. The Poppin' Play Piano toy encourages children to use their imaginations, and helps to develop a sense of self-expression and creativity! ...If baby Mozart had been given one of these, imagine what he could have achieved!


  • LeapFrog Poppin' Play Piano
  • 30+ musical and learning responses
  • Each press sets balls in motion
  • Number, colour music and free play modes
  • For ages 12-36m
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries


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