Leap Frog Sorting Surprise Turtle 9+m


Sale price RM 159.00


Learn about shapes, colors and numbers with the Sorting Surprise Turtle™. Match the brightly colored shape blocks to the correct holes in the adorable turtle’s shell and it will say the name of the shape, its color or the number on the block. When all of the shapes are inside, press the butterfly button on the turtle’s back and watch the pieces fly out while hearing music and learning rhymes . Press the light-up flower button on top of the turtle’s head to hear three learning songs. Enjoy this new spin on learning!

Product Features:

  • Practise shapes, numbers and colours by matching blocks to the shell.
  • Insert the blocks to hear the names of colours, shapes and numbers with fun musical sounds.
  • Push the butterfly down to spin the shell and make the blocks tumble out to play again.
  • Hear three learning songs and 50+ phrases and musical sounds.

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