Moll Mobilight


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Mobilight: the sliding light by moll
The best light for any position

How can your child benefit from an ergonomically correct desk, if they have to stretch or avoid shadows when learning? Not at all. That is why we developed the clever Mobilight – a lamp, which has ingenious swivel jots and a 90° reflector. The reflector ensures that no shadows caused by the body can fall over the desk. Of course Mobilight can be adjusted for right-handed or left-handed people.

moll – Quality made in Germany
5 Years Warranty


  • Color temperature:4000 K
  • Warm up time: > 1 s
  • Light control: not dimmable
  • Rated light flux: 900 lm
  • Power consumption: 11 W
  • Rated service life: 10,000 hrs
  • Electric perfomance factor 0,51
  • Color reflection index RA = 80…89
  • Lamp lumen maintenance > 0,77 for 6.000 hrs
  • Number of switching cycles before premature failure: 30,000
  • Spectral light distribution

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