Moll Winner Ergonomic Study Table


Color: White
Sale priceRM 3,210.00


Moll Winner Ergonomic Study Table suitable from approx 4 years to adult. *The table that grows ergonomically with your child* The Winner is a complete solution. Thanks to attractive decorative elements and a wide range of extension options, the Winner easily adapts to individual needs. Depending on the space needs, age and size of the child, Winner can be easily extended over time without being taken apart. Winner grows with growing needs. So: just relax

Winner Classic height adjustment, moll’s standard manual height adjustment in 10 stages with a proven hook fitting (adjustment range 53 cm to 82 cm)

Winner Comfort height adjustment is done with a yo-yo device (adjustment range 53 cm to 82 cm)


  • Suitable from 110 cm to 200 cm persons height (Approx 4 year onwards)
  • Grows with your child. Height adjustable 53 cm - 82 cm in 10 stages
  • Manual height adjustment via hook fitting
  • Table surface angle is adjustable for better posture
  • Easy adjustment mechanism
  • Durable surface
  • Magnetic ruler which also acts as book holder
  • Book Holder
  • Bag hook
  • 8 colour profiles included in every purchase on the drawer
  • Highly recommended Giant drawer for easy storage (Sold Separately)
  • Optional Orga set for drawer (Sold Separately)
  • moll – Quality made in Germany!
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Product Dimensions: 121 cm x 71cm
  • Product Weight : 40.5 kg
  • MDF varnished Boards / EN312 / EN143322

More useful information:

ERGONOMICS FOR GROWTH AND FLEXIBILITY: Flexible adjustability has always been a trademark of moll, and that also goes for the Moll Winner: Children grow, and their needs change. That’s why children need desks and chairs that adapt to their body’s proportions – and that at every stage of development. This is where the tried-and-true Comfort height adjustment comes in. It takes just a few seconds to easily bring the desk to the ergonomically correct height. Ergonomically, the correct children’s swivel chair is just as important as the children’s desk.

PATENTED TILT FUNCTION: For ergonomically healthy posture when drawing, writing, reading or doing crafts, all moll desks have a safe and easy-to-operate tilt function.

The desktop can be adjusted at various angles to let children choose the most relaxed seating position for activities like writing, drawing or reading.

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