MOTHER-K Premium Thin Breast Pad


Sale price RM 40.00


Mother-K Premium grade pads in the breast-feeding bra. Breastfeeding can be a real delight. Lightweight and thin pads made using the most modern technology. The lightness of the pads will remain even when liquids flow, and there is also a feeling of freshness.

It's always a great fit!

Thin and waterproof. The base of the liquid-resistant foundation, which ensures leakage on the clothing. A feeling of lightness is even worn for a long period of time.

Fast and efficient absorption, even if you catch a rich amount of milk.
Cushioned edges of the pads. A protective edge from a natural, soft material. The liners are breathable, and the edges protect against leaks.

3D shapes. Thin. Designed for the comfort of your chest for a comfortable carry, a unique 3D shape.

Natural Peppermint. A gentle substance with peppermint extract reduces the likelihood of allergies.


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