Oxo Tot Silicone Bowl


Color: Navy
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The OXO Tot Silicone Bowl is designed with first-time eaters — and their parents! — in mind. Made entirely of soft, food-safe, BPA-free silicone, it stands up to all sorts of banging and tapping without breaking. This Bowl features a weighted base that prevents accidental tipping to help prevent spills. The high walls of the Bowl curve inward to help toddlers get more food onto their spoons as they scrape the sides, making it perfect for building confidence in their new skills (and for getting food into hungry tummies). This Bowl is designed to fit little hands for carrying fruit, dry cereal and other snacks around the house. It's microwave safe for warming up veggies and dishwasher safe for fast cleanup when dinnertime is done.

Why it is approved by moms:

Weighted base and contoured walls prevent spills
  • 100% tantrum-proof, BPA-free silicone won't chip or break when dropped
  • Weighted base helps keep Bowl in place for easier, neater mealtimes
  • Soft, high walls are contoured to guide food back onto spoons instead of the table
  • Designed to fit in small hands to carry snacks without spilling
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

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