Recaro Car Seat Mako Elite 2 Prime Mat Black


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With the award winning child seat Mako Elite 2, parents’ need for safety of their children is satisfied on every journey.
The successor of Mako Elite protects young travelers aged from approx. 3.5 to 12 years and with its wider headrest and additional recline position, higher levels of comfort are achieved. Thanks to the optimized ISOFIX system with rigid connectors, a simple installation in various vehicles is guaranteed. Equipped with an integrated Sound System, the child seat provides the finest entertainment and encourages the child to remain the head in the protected head area



With i-Size, the child seat fulfils the stringent safety standards in accordance with UN R129. These high requirements on side impact protection are not only met, they are exceeded. Parents benefit from simple and secure installation thanks to ISOFIX connectors. The child seat is compatible with all vehicle seats bearing the i-Size logo and virtually all other seating with ISOFIX connectors. Children travel safely and parents enjoy complete flexibility.


Integrated loudspeaker in the head area of the child seat and an audio connection enable little travelers to enjoy the finest in entertainment, without mum and dad having to listen to the child‘s radio play or favorite song in the front of the vehicle. In this way, the kids can lean back and relax and their heads remain protected by the headrest.


Fresh air keeps everyone happy. This is ensured by openings in the outer shell and mesh inserts in the seat cover, which allow for continuous air circulation. A greater level of comfort and well-being is impossible. Whether they are on a quick journey to see granny or with the whole family on holiday for the summer – this way the little explorers are kept in the best mood. Regardless of how long the journey is.


The detachable protectors can be affixed quickly and simply to the child seat. In the event of a side collision, the energy absorbers reduce the force that would act upon the child. As such, they offer maximum protection. To this end, we recommend always installing the protectors on the door side to offer the best possible protection. In any car.


As they are still growing, an ergonomic posture is essential for children. The height-adjustable backrest with integrated headrest allows for maximum seating comfort, supports healthy posture and, thanks to the optimized harness guide, increases safety on every journey.


Padded wings at shoulder height automatically adjust to the height of the child and ensure that the little adventurers are kept even safer and more comfortable in the child seat. And the best thing: the Smart Protection Wings grow with the child thanks to the adjustable backrest – up to 12 years or a height of 150 cm.

  • Seating foam:
    Perfectly adapts to your child‘s body shape and provides the highest level of comfort
  • Extendable leg rest:
    Can be adapted to your child‘s size and provide optimal support
  • Adaptive backrest:
    Backrest follows the contours of your vehicle‘s seats
  • ISOFIX connectors:
    Quick and secure placement and optimal stabilization of the child seat in the vehicle
  • Resting Position:
    Relaxed sitting position thanks to adjustable seating angle

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