Rotho Babydesign Draining Tube

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Allows easy drainage of the Bath Tub through drainage of the water into a bucket or into the bathtub/shower basin without having to carry the heavy bath


  • Suitable for all Baby Bath Tubs
  • Simply and safe assembly onto the Bath Tub drain plug
  • Easy to clean: just rinse with soap water 
  • Made off high-quality material 
  • Robust, thick-walled and long-lasting quality
  • Tested at chemical harmlessness through an independent and approved test institution

Suitable for all bath tubs of Rotho Babydesign: StyLe! (item no. 20211), TOP (item no. 20001), Top Xtra (item no. 20500), Bella Bambina (item no. 20020), and BIO-Line (item no. 20030).

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