Simba Mosquito Repellent Clip


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Natural ingredients used, and the performance can not be compared with chemical repellent products.

Herbal Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent Spray 60ml


  • 1.Made of EPA plants repellent elements and high density fabrics, comfortable enough.
  • 2.SGS certified, free of DEET and heavy metals.
  • 3.Adorable designed, functional in daily life.
  • 4.Laboratory proven, the product can keep mosquito away.
  • 5.360°rotating clip, use in anywhere.
  • 6.Come with foil bag, ideal for storage and on the go.
  • 7.Use with Simba Herbal Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent Spray, reuse the product.

Ingredients:Citronella and eucalyptus essential oil.

Material:High density fabrics, ABS, EVA and Aluminum.

Dimension:4 × 5.3 cm(clip not included)

  • 1.Selected Citronella & herbal essential oil.
  • 2.DEET-Free proven by SGS.
  • 3.Head spray design, easy to use.
  • 4.The spray is fresh, comfortable and not sticky.
  • 5.Small bottle design, easy for travel.

Ingredients:PMD, citronella-, lavender-, cypress-, aloe-, eucalyptus essential oil.


Notice:The product is not environmental agents and environment equipment. Selected plant extracts ingredients, only for using mosquito away.

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