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Stokke® Nomi® Newborn Set

Parent's little helper

The Stokke® Nomi® Newborn Set is designed to provide your baby with a soft and cozy spot at the center of the family. The raised height is ideal for "talking", playing and maintaining contact with your baby. ​ The Stokke® Nomi® chair with the attached Newborn Set is easy to move around the house. Wherever you need an extra pair of hands - it can be seamlessly adjusted between an almost horizontal and more upright positions to meet your baby's changing needs. It offers a gentle bounce responding to your baby's natural movement while your baby's head remains stable.

  • The Newborn Set should be used in the horizontal position for the first 8-10 weeks after baby is born.
  • When your baby has grown a little stronger, you can begin to use a more upright position. This will provide even better connection at the family table.​​
  • Can be used from birth until your child can sit up unaided.​​
  • Please note that several short periods in the Stokke® Nomi® Newborn Set are better for your baby than one extended period.

Product Features:

  • Enables the Stokke® Nomi® Chair to be used from birth
  • Includes 5-point safety harness & a reversible, washable textile set
  • Seamlessly adjusted between almost horizontal and more upright positions
  • Suitable from newborn until your baby can sit up unaided
  • Fits all Stokke® Nomi® chairs

    Product Specifications:

    • Product Size (cm/in): 59 x 52 x 82 / 23.2 x 20.5 x 32.3
    • Weight (kg/lbs): 1.71 / 3.8
    • Suitable for age: from 0 ~ to 6 (months)
    • Extended Warranty: 3 (years)
    • Materials: Polypropylene/low carbon DIN steel
    • Materials Textiles: Cover: 15% Cotton / 85% Polyester
    • Filling: 100% Polyester
    • Mesh: 100% Polyester


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