Wel-B Freeze Dried Fruits


Style: Dried Strawberry and Banana
Sale price RM 7.50


Freez-dried or freeze-dried vacuum is the most economical solution. It's the same way that NASA prepares food for astronauts. By pulling water out of the fruit until the frame. Low temperature and oil-free you can taste and enjoy the full value of your favorite fruit in a different way!

How to enjoy:

  • There are many fun ways. You will enjoy the Wel B fruit
  • Crisp -Take or just plop a piece of Wel-B into your mouth and enjoy experiencing its crunchiness, the sweet and delicious flovour.
  • With milk - Enjoy Wel-B with milk or cereals to refresh and to add vitamins into your breakfast.
  • With tea - Pour the crumbs and powder of Wel-B into your plain cup of tea and turn it into a fruity one.
  • Smoothies - Blend Wel-B with fresh fruit, yoghurt, and juice to make a thick, crunchy and yummy smoothie
  • Bakery & Ice Cream - Crumble Wel-B into small bits and use them as a cake or ice cream garnish.

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